Joomla Article Images Upload and Gallery plugin

With this plugin you will be able to simply add an images to your Joomla articles.

Adds new tab into article edit form called 'Images'.

You just need to select some images from you computer and it will uploaded when you save an article. Then you can see the gallery in article view.




  • Adds new features for upload an images to standard Joomla articles and also shows image gallery;
  • Show image gallery with Slider, Highslide or Raw template;
  • Show galleries in article or category view;
  • Works in Backend and Frontend article's edit form;
  • Allows multiple images submission;
  • Automatically makes thumbnails;
  • Add watermark to images;
  • Images limit for add from frontend;
  • Change images ordering;
  • Parameter for select where to store images;
  • Fills native Joomla image parameters;
  • Ability to embed the gallery to any place of article's text (code  ArticleImagesGallery or  ArticleImagesGallery 1,2,3), extra editor button plugin included for manage this placements;