Date Range Slider & Filter Using pre-sets

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Has anyone successfully replaced the date range option with a slider like : ?

Any tips on how to do this? The current method of selecting a start date using a calendar and an end date using a calendar is very old fashioned - it would be great to be able to use a range slider.

In my application I'd really like to be able to pre-set the initial filter settings (especially the date range) and to have the filter fire on page load so that I can present a pre-filtered set of results. I think I can do this using some javascript but it'd be nice to be able to do this from the server side using the filters admin interface.

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Hello, Marcus.

Which exactly module you mean?

No, we have no such feature request yet. But, it can be easily done with custom template.

Current calendar is standard and classic way to choose a date. Your way is more modern, but it can be not clear or uncomfortable for some people.

You can define some pre-selected value in the custom template file. Then, as you wrote, use some javascript or enable 'Automatic form submit' parameter with Ajax search results mode enabled.
Also, on server side, you can use search results url as some menu item link, you can modify any menu item link through database _menu table and call search results directly.