Pre-sales question about Good Article Search module - layout

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I'm evaluating the extension "Good Article Search" for usage on our websites.

The module works so far without any problems. I have only trouble with the layout. I get different layouts if I access:
1) the page with the search function via a menu (menu type item: category list) with integrated "Good Article Search" module above the listing (see screenshot Enter-via-menu)
2) after entering a search string and start of search a result page is displayed with an other layout (see screenshot Enter-via-search)

How can I achieve that I get two identical layouts on both pages (both layout sections: upper section with search function and lower section with search result listing in form of table/boxes)?

Thank you!

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Hello, Herbert.

Please, could you explain how you integrate it for #1 part?
It looks like you using different modules for show initial state and then for search results.

Can you send me a link for check it?

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Hello molotow

1. I've created a menu (Articles ยป Category List)
This is to list all articles of one specific category. The list is displayed in form of a table
(see screenshot menu)
2. Then I've added the "Good Article Search" module to this menu page.
This module is displayed above the list.
This provides the readers a search function to search within these articles of the specific category.

I selected the "Good Article Search" module because:
- I wanted to restrict the search on one specific category
- I wanted to provide the readers a search function (search string) and two selection criteria (Tags and Author).
The "Good Article Search" module matches both criteria. Just the layout...

I would prefer to have the same layout for the search function as in the search results (i.e. dropdown).

Thank you!

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If you use search results as initial page and it is shown in needed layout, then it can be only a differences in the module parameters. Please, try to set 'Search results template style' parameter to 'Standard' and set 'Template columns' to '2'. Also, check moduleId parameter in the url for determine needed module you need to configure.

If it not help you, please send me an email with admin rights for check it - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.