19.04.2015 It is a live and compatible with the latest K2 and Joomla versions.

21.12.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.9

06.03.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.8

23.01.2014 New version 1.25 of the plugin is available.

  • Added images ordering after upload feature;
  • Some other improvements.

09.07.2013 New version 1.2 of the plugin is available.

  • K2 2.6.7 compatible;
  • Ability to Add watermark to the images;
  • Upload limit from frontend option;
  • Some other improvements.

10.04.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.6

11.02.2012 Compatible with K2 2.6.5

09.10.2012 Plugin version for K2 2.6 and Joomla 3.0

12.07.2012 version 1.1

  • Added new slider template (selectable in plugin params);
  • Some other improvements.


  • K2 2.5.7 compatibility;


With this plugin you will be able to add multiple images to your K2 Articles in the usual manner. It supports multiple images adding from admin panel and also from frontend, sorting your images after upload. And also with this plugin you will be able to add watermark to images and restrict uploads count from frontend.

The plugin consist a one part: system plugin that is installed from Joomla admin panel, no need for any K2 core files rewriting.

Backend screenshots:

K2 Multiple Images

K2 Multiple Images

K2 Multiple Images

Installation instructions:

  • 1) Install the plugin via Joomla admin panel;
  • 2) Enable (publish up) installed plugin;
  • 3) Add new images in standard 'Image' tab of K2 item, click 'Add New Image' if you want to add more images.

For download the K2 Multiple Images plugin you need to buy it in "Plugin purchase" section.

Known issues:

  • Template overriding

    After install K2 Multiimages plugin, your standard K2 article template will be overrided with modified template of K2 Multiimages plugin. It is needed for providing new features.

    You can override it in your template folder, just place yours templates\your_template\html\com_k2\default\item.php to templates\your_template\html\com_k2\item-multiimages.php

    Then replace standard K2 image block in your template with modified block from plugins\system\k2multiimages\K2MultiImages\templates\item-multiimages.php, you can find it by "added K2Multiimage" text.

  • Slider template not shows the images

    Most likely you have a jQuery conflict at your website. Try to install jQuery Easy plugin -

Modified mod_k2_content module for showing multiple images of article