21.12.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.9

06.03.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.8

09.07.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.7

10.04.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.6

12.11.2012 New version 1.4

  • Ability to make different ratings by category;
  • Ability to change rating to like/unlike style;
  • Ability to make rating only with comment.


  • Joomla 3.0 / K2 2.6 compatibility;


  • K2 2.5.7 compatibility;

20.04.2012 New version 1.3

  • One plugin architecture (system);
  • Added average rating;
  • Ability to order items in category by average multirating score;
  • Added modified mod_k2_content module for showing highest rated items with Multirating.

11.03.2012 Version 1.2

  • K2 2.5.5 compatibility;
  • Multilangual support.

16.01.2012 Version 1.1

  • Ability to show 10 stars rating (voting)
  • Average rating in category listing


With this plugin you will be able to add multiple ratings with different titles for your K2 articles.

The plugin consist a one part: system plugin that is installed from Joomla admin panel, no need for any K2 core files rewriting.

Installation instructions:

  • 1) Install the plugin via Joomla admin panel;
  • 2) Enable (publish up) installed plugin;
  • 3) Customize it in K2 Multiple Rating plugin options.

Plugin options screenshot:

K2 Multiple Rating plugin

For download the K2 Multiple Rating plugin you need to buy it in "Plugin purchase" section.

Modified mod_k2_content module for showing highest rated items with Multirating

Known issues:

  • Template overriding

    After install K2 Multirate plugin, your standard K2 article template will be overrided with modified template of K2 Multirate plugin. It is needed for providing new features.