06.03.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.8

09.07.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.7

10.04.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.6


  • K2 2.6 / Joomla 3.0 compatibility;


  • K2 2.5.7 compatibility;

08.04.2012 New version

  • K2 2.5.6 compatibility;
  • Some other improvements.

12.03.2012 Version 1.1

  • Added sorting by standart id, date, title;
  • Multilangual support;
  • K2 2.5.5 compatibility.


This module may order (sort) your K2 articles in category or tag view by extrafield, attachments, K2Store price value and also by standard sorting options (id, date, title, ..)

Module features:

  • Drop-down select box with sorting options;
  • Asc or desc sorting.

This module consists of two parts:

  • module part (mod_k2_eo);
  • plugin part that provide ordering function.

For download the K2 Extra Order (sorting) module you need to buy it in "Purchase the Extra Order (sorting) module" section.

Installation instructions:

  • Backup your site!;
  • Install the module part via Joomla! extention manager;
  • Install the plugin part;
  • Enable (publish up) the plugin part;
  • Customize module preferences.