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Module features:

  • Display search fields as text field, drop-down select, multi-select, slider, slider with range value select, radio, tag (ability for multiple tags select), category, item title (text and A-Z), item text, item creation/publish dates;
  • Restrict search to specific category (static by category ID(s) and auto by the category you are viewing);
  • Order search fields;
  • Display search fields in several columns;
  • Order search results by extrafields;
  • Display search results in category view;
  • AJAX search results.

This module consists of two parts:

  • module part (mod_k2_filter);
  • plugin part that provides search function.

Module backend screenshots:

  • In module parameters you can choose field types for display

  • You can also select which fields are displayed, order this fields, and set number of cols in the frontend module view
  • Misc module params:

For download the K2 Multiple Extra Fields Filter Module you need to buy it in "Purchase the module" section.

Installation instructions:

  • Backup your site!;
  • Install the module part via Joomla! extention manager;
  • Install the plugin part;
  • Enable (publish up) the plugin part;
  • Customize module preferences.

How to setup the module video tutorial:

Known issues:

  • sh404sef compatibility:

If you use sh404sef at your website, you need to add new condition in components\com_k2\sef_ext\com_k2.php

Find the following block :

case 'search' :
$title[] = 'search';
if (!empty($searchword))
$title[] = $searchword;

And place new block after it:

case 'filter' :
$title[] = 'filter';
if (!empty($searchword))
$title[] = $searchword;

Then you may need to clear cache and re-enable sef.