Module Update

03.05.2015 New version 1.5.1 of the module is available.

  • Added new function - Dynamic values in select boxes. It is useful only with ajax search. Updates all values in the filters based on selected value in some other field.
  • Changed filters manager into the backend and now it is easier (You need to re-configure your filter fields!). Now it is single select box - "Select filter fields", which combines 'Filter type', 'Select extra field' and 'Order' params.
  • Ajax search now updates url with history.pushState();
  • Added new param for change ajax results container.
  • Responsive filter module layout, by defualt now. 'Number of cols' param should be set to '0'.
  • $json->decode function replaced with native php function json_decode (increase a speed).

19.04.2015 It is a live and compatible with the latest K2 and Joomla versions.

21.12.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.9

06.03.2014 Compatible with K2 2.6.8

09.07.2013 New version 1.4.9 of the module is available.

  • K2 2.6.7 compatible;
  • New field types with multiple select boxes based on the following widget;
  • New field types with autofill, designed for automatically get values from text k2 extrafields for drop-down and slider search fields;
  • "All fields required" option;
  • Some other improvements.

10.04.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.6

11.02.2013 Compatible with K2 2.6.5

09.10.2012 The module version for K2 2.6 and Joomla 3.0 is available.

23.09.2012 New version 1.4.8 of the module is available.

  • Added field connection ability;
  • Automatic results counter;
  • Autocomplete for text fields;
  • Some other improvements.

12.07.2012 New version of the module is available.

  • Added sub-templating feature for module;
  • Ability to show search results with category template;
  • Load search results without page reloading (AJAX);
  • Some other improvements.


  • K2 2.5.7 compatibility;

08.04.2012 New version of the module is available.

  • K2 2.5.6 compatibility;
  • Some other improvements;

20.12.2011 New version 1.4.5 of the module is available.

New features:

  • No K2 core rewrites needed;
  • Some other improvements.


  • Backup your site!
  • Install the module part via Joomla! extention manager;
  • Install the plugin part;
  • Enable (publish up) the plugin part;
  • Customize module preferences.

If you see any error - just republish the module. For purchase the module see this section.



You are at the demonstation website of K2 Multiple Extra Fields Filter Module for Joomla!

This module may filter your K2 content by several extra fields at the same time and also by category, tag, article title or article text.